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Use curvature for better tracing


Every subpixel has information about the gradient direction. The statistics of gradient directions under the contour dot shape can be used to calculate the curvature of the edge line at the point of contour dot.
The curvature can be useful in three ways:
  1. Better selection of the relevant subpixels - the two sides of the contour dot shape should be curved, complying to the edge turns.
  2. Better initial positionning of the neighbor contour dot.
  3. Make more realistic the Bezier curve that connect adjacent contour dots.
    It is expected that the implementation of his issue will improve the outlining of small objects.


wladik wrote Mar 10, 2011 at 6:58 PM

Comment 1.
In the commit #7003 (March 10) the curvature was used for the better positionning of contour dots. So the first two ways of curvature usage are implemented. The third way (improve the look of Bezier curves between contour dots) is still a matter for considerations/discussions.

A new problem is revealed. As contour dots become less rigid, they tend to break the strokes prematurely. This problem also should be addressed.

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