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Short description of the files and classes, performance, portability, ideas of further development
General information

Mathematical Principles

The following files in MS Word format provide the detailed description of the algorithms that are used
in the Outliner project.
The developers should read these documents in order to understand the calculations in the source code.
Currently, the comments in the source code are scarce.

Smoothing.docx Gradient.docx
Contour Dots.docx Drawing the Curves.docx

The following file in MS Excel format shows graphics of approximation of the theoretical shape of the blurred edge
with the arc of parabola. This approximation is used by the contour dots for the purpose of positioning them on the centerline of the edge.

Further ideas

The following document describes NeighborEnumerator class. This class is used for the faster search of the pairs of points that are close to one another:
Enumeration of neighboring points.docx

The curvature can be used for the better outlining of small objects. The following document describes how to caluculate the curvature of the edge line using the gradient values of the sub-pixels under the contour dot:
Calculation of Curvature.docx

The colors at the both sides of contour dot can be calculated using statistics of the underlying sub-pixels. The following document describes the algorithm:
Calculation of Side Colors.docx.
And the Excel sheet shows the used approximation of the theoretical function with polinomial:
The new class OrientedArc describes the intersection of stroke ends
Oriented Arc.docx

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