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Project Description
Outliner is a vectorizer of the edges in the raster pictures. The new edge detection algorithm is used. It is developed in Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition

Purpose and Functions
The targeted audience for this project are developers. And the project's centerpiece is
the algorithm of positionning contour dots and drawing stroke curves through them.
Other functions of the Outliner utility are subordinate - designed to show the work
of this algorithm. Outliner permits to view the pixels of the raster picture at big zooms,
up to 5000%. The pixels are seen as squares, and the vectorized information, countour dots
and curves, hover above pixels.
The Outliner can save the gradient of the raster image into BMP file, and the vectorized information into
SVG, VML, PDF, or EMF files.

My Wishes and Expectations
It is not a common practice to include the below statements into the Licence Agreement.
Nevertheless I would like to make my position known:
1. I expect this project will be a testing ground for refining the contor dot algorithm.
2. Everybody would abstain from patenting the improvements of contour dot algorithm
for at least several years, say up till 2021. So that the developers of the Outliner project
feel free to implement their ideas.
3. With every modification, the Outliner project will continue to use the free IDE and compiler.
4. The developers and users of this and derived products will adhere to the fair use principle:
do not harm people or environment but with one exception: the criminals, terrorists and
their instigators can be targeted and hunted.

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